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Pauly Puss and I take a road trip to Vietnam and take the opportunity the discuss the holidays of our youth. Enthralling repuslive and hilarious in equal mesaure. 















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The Spizzler's back with more tomfoolery for 2015!

Listen out for the new feature 'Name that Noise' and Parliamentary debates.















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Another of the best bits of my 100% legit radio show minus the music. Enoy!


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The human condition is a rather tragic one, and none more so than the painful transition into middle age: the midlife crisis. Our bodies turn against us and begin adding dodgy unwanted extras such as layers of fat, unsightly body hair and rogue wiry eyebrow hairs, and at the same time we panic about our mortality and lost youth and start to behave ridiculously.

It’s going to happen, so should we fight it, or should we go with the flow?

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This is a new podcast from The Spizzler called The Big Questions. It's a little like a traditional interview only with Spizzler's own inimitable twist. This episode we welcome funny man Joshua Saxon and discuss dogging, Lion Bar cereal, Liam Neeson and ruby red slippers. 

At the beginning of the podcast The Spizzler speaks really really quickly. Obviously he chose not to heed my warning of spending all his pocket money at Caffe Nero in persuit of a free limited edition shrew and butterscotch infused latte - that boy's a stubborn one!













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I'm thinking about giving up podcasting after this, because I don't think it can make anything funnier than this episode.

It starts off as many of The Spizzler Shows in English do; an idle, harmelss, meandering walk in the park before Pauly Puss really starts laying it on thicker than HP sauce on a sausage butty and we climax in a crescendo of madness and a rather amusing tale from the Spizzler about an inadvertent and unsolicited gay relationship.

As Kenny Bania once said about the pea soup at Mendy's... It's the best!





















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The marauding trogladite that is the Spizzler returns with another episode full of nonsense and tomfoolery.














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The Spizzler has now got a fully, 100% legit radio show.

This is the podcast of the show with all the chat minus the music.....

To listen to the show live check out the syndication details on Facebook, Twitter or


















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The religious debate gets increasingly aggressive and polarized, people are less and less willing to hang question marks on things they think they know for sure, and religion is getting more and more extreme. Is this becoming the new norm for religion?

This episode was recorded a while ago, before Jihadi John started lopping off people's nuts. So please don't be offended by some of the nonsense we spraff.












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This is an extra to the Bloviators 'Extremism' podcast, which will be published next Friday.

ISIS are a threat to our very way of life, they are dark, ruthless and heartless.....but let's be honest their marketing tools aren't really up to much.

They could probably benefit from some media guidance, so we sent Alan White from Bastard & Bastard Media Corp. to have a word with the new Caliphate and see if we can help to improve their corporate strategy.










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